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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

  • Bears are part of the package if you travel to the High Sierra parks -- Sequoia, Kings Canyon, or Yosemite -- and you should know what to expect and how to react if you encounter one this summer.

    Even though the bears in these three parks are black bears, not grizzlies, that doesn't diminish the damage they can do to you or your vehicle if they want to.

  • Which lodge in the National Park System do you head to for the best value, and what makes it the best value?

    That's a two-headed question, as some might see low price as offering the best value, while others might see a higher price offset by a superior location as offering the best lodging value.

    With those ground rules, tell us, travelers, where do you find the best lodging value in the pa

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

  • A black bear that began acting too comfortable with humans and their meals in Dinosaur National Monument, and which even tried to break into a ranger's residence, has been put down by park staff.

    The bear was shot and killed in the monument's Gates of Lodore Campground on May 27, a park release said.

    "The male bear, which first showed up in the campground l

  • To help mark National Get Outdoors Day, all units of the National Park System will be free to enter this Saturday.

    “Outdoor physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and national parks are great places to get out, experience nature, and get your heart pumping,” said National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis.

  • Sadly, not only is summer the peak season to visit national parks, but it's also the peak season for construction in the parks.