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Monday, March 5th, 2012

  • There are no plans at this point for the National Park Service to look into the merits of a "North Woods National Park" in Maine, according to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

    During a congressional review of the Interior Department's FY 2013 budget proposal, Secretary Salazar told U.S. Sen.

  • A 3,500-square-foot Tlingit tribal house could rise up near Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve under a plan the National Park Service first proposed more than a decade ago.

    The 18th-century replica was outlined in the park's 1997 Comprehensive Design Plan and Environmental Assessment as a way to provide park vis

  • Zion National Park has changed its wilderness permit system to allow visitors to reserve last-minute slot canyon day use permits via an online reservation system.

    This new system will eliminate the need for visitors to wait in line at the visitor center for permits.

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

  • Editor's note: The Traveler is expanding coverage of national parks in other nations. We'll soon be featuring travel articles on international park destinations and continuing this weekly roundup on park news from other countries.

  • Not even elk at Wind Cave National Park can escape the eye in the sky these days.

    The other week biologists placed global positioning system collars on 35 elk so they could be tracked as they roamed. This marks the second year of a three-year study to document the effects of a recently implemented elk management plan.