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Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

  • One of the enduring topics of debate in NPS circles in recent years has been Off-road vehicle (ORV) use in Big Cypress National Preserve. The park reached an important
    milestone with the announcement that "dispersed" ORV use in the area would end on July 22, 2011.

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

  • The Blackstone River Valley runs for 46 miles through Massachusetts and Rhode Island, a bucolic ribbon (in places) that harbors stories of the country's transformation from an agrarian nation to an industrialized one.

    It was in the Blackstone River Valley that the country's Industrial Revolution took grip of an entire region.

  • Can the National Park Service, which has a staggering maintenance backlog and shortage of curatorial staff and facilities, afford to spend roughly $700 per visitor to keep Yellowstone National Park's Sylvan Pass open in the winter for snowmobilers?

  • Work to begin restoring the Elwha River in Olympic National Park is gearing up. Beginning August 1, public access into the Elwha Valley's Olympic Hot Springs Road will close just south of the Altair Campground.

    Park officials say a gate has been installed and will be locked on August 1 to allow

  • A popular swimming hole in Capitol Reef National Park has been closed for the rest of the summer due to torrential runoff that has created extremely dangerous conditions for swimmers.

    Fremont Falls, located about six miles east of the park's visitor center on Highway 24, has witnessed three-near fatalities already this summer, according to park officials.