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Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

  • U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials on Wednesday announced their preference to extend a moratorium on uranium mining around Grand Canyon National Park for 20 years. After a 30-day waiting period, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will be able to sign off on the plan.

  • Latest visitation figures show that tourism to the National Park System dipped somewhat in 2010, dropping from 285.5 million in 2009 to 281.3 million last year.

  • With the calendar about to run out of days for October, the folks at Acadia National Park are getting ready to transition out of their summer mode and into winter mode.

    Come Monday, Halloween, the Hulls Cove Visitor Center and Sand Beach Entrance Station will close for the season.

  • A photographer from California who captured an intriguing photo of cinder cones in Lassen Volcanic National Park has been named the winner of the park's 2012 annual photo pass contest.

    I-Ting Chiang, of Fremont, had his photo -- "Painted Dunes Atop Cinder Cone" -- selected from more than 100 entries in the contest, which is held each year and open to the publi

  • If the National Park System is to expand, and it surely will continue to do so, National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis believes his agency should recommend a more methodical approach, one that takes into consideration not just natural resources but also human stories.

    Currently, many areas end up proposed for inclusion in the National Park System by members of Congress. Moving forward, Mr.