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Thursday, June 9th, 2011

  • With Arizona undergoing one of its worst fire seasons ever, officials at Saguaro National Park have instituted a closure of parts of the Rincon Mountain District as a precaution.

    The fire closures take effect at noon today, June 9, and affect:

    * All trails, washes, and land except as specified below, within the Rincon Mountain (East) District of Saguaro Nat

  • With hopes of bringing an end to the scalping of campsites, Yosemite National Park officials will require that visitors show some identification to claim their campsites, and won't allow reservations to be transferred to anyone else.

    Campsite scalping has been a growing problem in Yosemite in recent years, with reserved sites being offered for sale on Craigslist.

  • They'll be rounding them up and heading them out at Grand Teton National Park this Saturday, which means motorists might encounter both a stronger taste of the West and some short delays along U.S.

  • Rebecca Wodder, who has led the American Rivers organization since 1995, and worked for The Wilderness Society before that, will be nominated by President Obama to serve as assistant Interior secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar praised the president's choice for a successor to Tom Strickland, who in February returned to the private

  • Denali National Park officials, who last month said all entries for the annual road lottery would have to be submitted on-line, have reversed course in response to public concerns over that method.