Following Muir to Yosemite on Foot

John Muir PortraitWhat a cool idea. A couple in the San Francisco area are in the process of walking to Yosemite National Park. The route they are taking follows as close as possible the same route that John Muir took to Yosemite upon his arrival to California in 1868. Of course, the landscape between the Pacific and the Sierras has changed a lot in the last 130 years. The journey today crosses a lot of private land, freeways and housing developments, so some modern re-routes are in order. Plus, the modern travelers have cell phones, modern camping gear, and a support van that Muir did not have on his trip. The walkers, Peter and Donna Thomas, started towards Yosemite on April 2nd and plan on completing the journey on May 13th. Along the way they are giving public presentations about John Muir.
The goodness of the weather as I journeyed towards Pacheco was beyond all praise and description, fragrant end mellow and bright. The air was perfectly delicious, sweet enough for the breath of angels; every draught of it gave a separate and distinct piece of pleasure. I do not believe that Adam and Eve ever tasted better in their balmiest nook.
~ John Muir 1868
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