Patagonia and Potter Apologize for Arches Climb

Patagonia websiteYou may recall that the famed rock climber Dean Potter made his way up to the top of Delicate Arch a month ago. He had said that it was a free climb, but later admitted that he did use ropes to scout his accent and then during the climb had his camera man on that same rope to record in High-Def his feat. This outraged many. The clothing company Patagonia had been Potter's climbing sponsor, but after the Arches event remained somewhat quiet. Now Patagonia and Potter have released public notes of apology, linked for you to read (below). What surprised me a bit is that Patagonia did not release Potter from his endorsement deal. If smearing your company image to the audience most likely to buy your clothes isn't a fireable offense, I don't know what is. Keeping him on staff implies an endorsement of Potter's actions. As if to say: "Deanie, you're doin' a heck of a job".

The apologies (at
The Final Word on Delicate Arch?