Time Magazine Profiles Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt : Time Magazine : July 3, 2006Looking for an interesting magazine to read over the upcoming holiday? I was sent a note by a ParkRemark reader letting me know that the latest issue of Time magazine has a 28 page spread on President Theodore Roosevelt. I know that this will sound like a plug for the magazine, but the topic fits perfectly with the ongoing discussion here about the Antiquities Act and Roosevelt's bold use of its power. This is number five in a series of special issues released each year near the 4th of July called "The Making of America". This issue has a series of articles which cover many parts of Roosevelt's life, but of course, my interest is in his dedication to preserving natural areas as monuments across the country, and his love for nature.

A piece of Roosevelt's presidency I hadn't known from an article called "The Self-Made Man" by Kathleen Dalton:
When Roosevelt became President in 1901, he took his love of nature with him to the White House. When the strain of the job weighed on him, he stepped outside to watch the spring birds migrating. He identified the blackpoll warblers perched in the elms outside the Oval Office. And he kept a list of his sightings.
I didn't see a whole lot written about Roosevelt and the Antiquities Act, other than a sentence that he "learned to shape his love of nature into a policy to defend it." And then later:
we have him to thank not only for the 150 national forests he created, the 51 national wildlife refuges, the five national parks, but also for the very idea that air, water, forests and animal life were somehow in our collective safekeeping.
The article also has a nice quote in there from T.R. that I wasn't familiar with. On the use of our nation's natural resources Roosevelt told an audience, "I do not recognize the right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, the generations that come after us." Roosevelt set the bar for land conservation pretty high, let's hope his leadership is not forgotten any time soon.