Grand Canyon Tourist Had Been Stabbed

Back in May, reports from the Grand Canyon were that a Japanese tourist, traveling alone, had been found dead in a pool of water beneath a waterfall. At the time, the reports had suggested that the tourist had probably been killed, but the details had been withheld. Today, however, an Associated Press article claims that the woman had been stabbed 29 times. This is shocking. The woman's actions prior to her murder appear somewhat ordinary; she checked into her hotel and then took an evening walk along a rim trail. The attack seems to be fueled by rage, which suggests this was more than just a robbery gone bad or some kind of sexual assault (and indeed, the coroner says there was no sign of sexual assault). The case is now under investigation by the FBI, and the county Sheriff (she must have been murdered outside the National Park, otherwise I'd assume the NPS would be investigating as well). There must be more to this story. If more details emerge, I will post them here.

Update July 16, '06
I've just read this article which claims that the FBI has now posted a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. The article also makes note that the woman's cell-phone, credit cards and cash were missing. I guess maybe this was a robbery that turned very ugly. Pretty sad.


My husband and I were vacationing at the Grand Canyon around the time this happened. It was first reported that she spent the night in Flagstaff and a man came to the desk at the motel sometime in the middle of the night to get the key for her room. Is this wrong as it is now being reported she was traveling alone. This is a tragic murder I sure hope it's solved.