Bomar Nomination Hearing Goes Smooth

Mary Bomar sat in front of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources so that they could consider her nomination for Park Service director this morning. The hearing must have gone pretty quick. I tried to tune it in through internet radio just a couple hours after it started, and it was over. But, thanks to the light speed spread of news, there is already an AP article about the hearing : "Confirmation likely for parks nominee". From the piece:
Bomar declined to elaborate on her personal views on a number of subjects, including snowmobiles and the maintenance backlog. She said she planned to "stay the course" and continue to look at the backlog.

"You have done a very good job of not answering the questions," Domenici teased during the hearing, adding that she appeared to understand the agency has serious issues to confront.
"I will be a leader who demonstrates high ethical standards and promotes transparency in all our activities," Bomar said.
I wonder, why is it that a candidate for a federal position that requires a senate hearing is thought to have done well if they have successfully avoided the questions posed to them by the committee? Is the committee testing the candidate's position or are they testing the candidate's ability to play political games at the federal level? I actually know the answer to that one, but I'm going to plead the 5th instead of sharing it with you. The article also states:
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairman Pete Domenici, R-N.M., and Wyoming Sen. Craig Thomas, the Republican chairman of the subcommittee on national parks, predicted that most senators will support her nomination.

"This will move fast," Domenici said after the hearing.


one VERY important issue we are watching in New York is the re-bid of the Statue of Liberty Ferry concession. This is believed to be the most lucrative concession in the whole of NPS, and I am concerned that as it comes up for re-bid that the Park Service will not aggressively seek obvious, 21st century improvements like cleaner, state of the art boats. Also, given the fact that there are so many other NPS sites along the waterfront (like Governors Island, about 200 yards away) it would make sense that the ferry system connect to more places, not just the same places it's been going for the last 20 years...