Why is Bomar Laughing?

Details about Mary Bomar's vision for the National Park Service are slow in coming. We're probably still in the "quiet phase" when they don't want her to speak for fear that she'll jeopardize her smooth ride through the senate confirmation hearings. Although, the National Parks Traveler has found some written remarks she's made to Senator Craig Thomas which provide some insight into her views. Since we don't know a lot about Mary Bomar, I thought it would be fun to make some stuff up. Below is a photo associated with a press release from the website of Senator Thomas. The caption on the website was boring, so I've added a few of my own. Can you think of a funny caption? You are welcome to create your own in the comments area below.

Mary Bomar shares a laugh with Senator Craig Thomas

* Mary Bomar and Senator Craig Thomas share a laugh when Thomas says he expects Bomar's senate confirmation to be 'tough.'

* Explaining his excitement for a winter snowmobile trip to Yellowstone, Senator Thomas tells Bomar 'When hell freezes over, I'll go riding there too.' Bomar laughs and responds, 'same!'

* Thomas and Bomar roar with laughter recalling the old cartoon Yogi Bear and his funny adventures in Jellystone Park, stealing 'pic-a-nic' baskets.

* Senator Thomas tells Mary Bomar he'd like to see new public-private cross-promotional partnerships that draw attention to the plight of the National Parks, like the one in '96 when Taco Bell said they had bought the Liberty Bell to help out with the federal budget. Thomas would like to see the return of the funny little talking chihuahua that says 'yo quiero Taco Bell!'

* Mary Bomar tells Senator Thomas that she plans on being a leader who will not back down from controversy, will not bow to the pressures of privatization, and will be an independent voice in a sea of partisan bickering about parks. She concluded by saying, 'just kidding!'