DOI Blocking Web Access?

There has been a recent report that a lot of computers within the Department of Interior have been used to surf web pages containing porn, gambling, or auctions. In a move to stop this activity, the DOI has installed web filters to prevent employees from accessing these websites with their government computers. But guess what? I've learned today that their web filter has also blocked access to one of my favorite park advocacy websites: the National Parks Traveler!

If you've read my website, then you've surely read Kurt's as well. The content on his website consistently conforms to the highest standards. Maybe this is a temporary technical glitch with the DOI software, because otherwise it would be a real kick in the pants to :

a) employees of the DOI who are blocked
b) the idea of having intelligent, open discussion about park issues
c) free speech

No word yet on other sites being blocked, but it wouldn't surprise me to hear that made the list, as well as, and even These three sites speak on behalf of our public lands, which means they are sometimes at odds with official DOI policies and officials. What a shame if they too are being blocked.

I've been informed that has now been "un-blocked" by the DOI web filter. Apparently it took a request from some NPS folks in D.C. to get the change applied. No word yet about the other park advocacy sites I've mentioned above (at this point, I don't know if they are on the block list or not).

Update #2:
Well, it looks like things are back to 'normal' for DOI computers and these park websites. I can confirm that I've had at least some network traffic today from the NPS, and I've heard that is also accessible. Maybe the National Parks Traveler block was actually a glitch ... or, maybe someone in the DOI really doesn't like what Kurt has to say. You be the judge!

Update #3: (10/13/2006)
Blocked by DOI Web FilterIt turns out there were/are a lot of blogs blocked by the new DOI software. There doesn't seem to be a particular pattern to those which were blocked and those that were not. Here is a post that describes other blogs caught in this mess. And this industrious blogger even created a faux badge of honor for sites that made the block list.