Take this Island and Shove It

Brown PelicanIt hardly seems fair. But, nobody ever said politics are fair. Imagine you are on a beautiful island off the coast of Southern California. You've found a perfect spot near the coast. You watch the sun set into the Pacific as Brown Pelicans fly over head. The sound of Elephant Seals barking in the distance is barely audible over the sound of waves crashing in front of you. You have a sense of joy when you realize that this same wonderful experience could one day be enjoyed by your children or even your great grandchildren. And it's all because your government had the keen foresight to protect this special place "unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations". BUT WAIT!! (replace the sounds of waves crashing in your mind with a scratching record, SCREEETCH!) Someone has decided this experience on Santa Rosa Island in the Park Service should now be limited to members of the military, and open to training for special operations forces. Quoted from the Washington Post:
"This is a bad idea and that's why it's being pushed in secret negotiations behind closed doors and out of public view. All Americans should have access to the Channel Islands National Park, not just top military brass, members of Congress and folks who can pay thousands of dollars to go on private hunting trips."

Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif.
All of the sudden, your perfect sunset is ruined as you imagine Navy Seals storming the beach you sit on. Instead of Brown Pelicans overhead, you now hear nothing except the roar of F-15s doing combat maneuvers. Your sense of joy has been replaced with sadness when you realize that nothing is sacred when politics are involved.

Park: Channel Island National Park
Update: For Now, No Target Practice in Park