National Park Editorial Cartoons

Here are a couple editorial cartoons about the National Parks created by David Horsey. I realize that it may be difficult to read these panels on my website (it's a width limitation of my current web format). To see these in a little more detail, just click the panel to go to the original web location at the Seattle PI.

June 21, 2006
David Horsey: Congressmen Clean Parks
Text: Today's excellent idea: Make congressmen volunteer to fix our poorly funded National Parks ... Congressmen says, "If you had hired Jack Abramoff as your lobbyist, we would've paid attention to your problems!". Signs read, "Ranger Not On Duty", "Trail Closed", "Stream Damaged", "Toilet Out Of Service"

July 27, 2003
David Horsey: Privatize National Parks Outcome
Text: Another Bushleague Idea: Privatizing National Parks. Hiker asks, "The bears are getting into the garbage! Why don't you do something?!". For-hire Ranger responds "I don't do bears for minimum wage ... How 'bout you Pedro?". He says "Que?". Kiosk reads "ParksRUs", and the fee schedule is "Parking, $7/hour; Hiking $8/hour; Fishing $10/hour; Scenery Fee $25"


You should see Horsey's cartoon about the parks today!