National Park Editorial Cartoons, Part II

Wow, what a strange coincidence. The day after I post two old David Horsey editorial cartoons, he creates a new one with a National Park topic. Maybe he saw a huge spike in interest generated from yesterday's post (doubtful), or maybe he was responding to the article yesterday in his paper entitled "Mount Rainier National Park officially closed". Either way, here's his latest cartoon. Special thanks to reader Andrea for bringing this one to my attention.

January 11, 2007
David Horsey : Mount Rainier Could Use Your Spare Change
Text: -National Priorities- With Mount Rainier National Park closed by storm damage, the Park Service is begging for private donations and volunteer workers to help with repairs. Damage costs are estimated to be at least $36 million ... If only Mount Rainier were in Iraq where the United States spends $36 million every four hours. Ranger sign asks "Spare change?"


Looks like nature decided to take back Rainier and it's a defacto wilderness again.
"It's as pristine as it gets," said Mike Gauthier, the park's head climbing ranger. "I went to Camp Muir a month ago, and I felt very much like I was on a remote mountain -- like I was in Alaska. It was just me and one my friends.

"That is not the normal Rainier feeling."
Maybe it SHOULD be.

$2 million for trail repair leaves $34 million for what? Probably roads. What if we left the park to nature and asked people to--gasp--walk into the park? According to Jaquin Miller, "That which is not worth climbing to see is not worth seeing."
Ranger X - I like your attitude! I'm sure an extended visit to Rainier right now would be unbelievable. As described in your comment, you'd be hard pressed to find another person up there.

I think you are right, the majority of the money will be used to fix up the roads - 18 million is coming from the Federal Highway Administration. Plus, they won't have an accurate assessment of the trail damage until after the snow melts away.

Sorry the HTML didn't work in your comment -- I'm hoping to upgrade my blogging software in the next few months. The new setup will take HTML. Thanks for the comments!

By the way, I've enjoyed reading your new blog. It's nice to have another voice in the bloggosphere speaking for the national parks.
Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog, too! I'm getting ready to update my links section and your blog will be there shortly! I look forward to many spirited debates!