Update on Internment Camp Memorial

Back in September, I wrote a small story about a proposed satellite addition to the Minidoka Internment National Monument in Idaho. The addition was planned for an abandoned small ferry dock on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle. The site was the location in which 227 Japanese Americans were forced onto a boat to be shipped away to the internment camp in Idaho. The story of the forced relocation of these Americans during WWII has been told at other locations around the country already, but I happen to think there is room in the NPS for more. Well, I'm happy to report that our representatives in the U.S. House agree, and in a big way. Yesterday they unanimously passed legislation to establish the national memorial on Banbridge Island. The bill now goes to the Senate, where a vote could be made within months. Jay Inslee represents the district in which the new memorial is proposed and was one of the original sponsors of this bill. Inslee has said of the importance of this new memorial, "we're not fortunately faced with a situation where the federal government is rounding up Americans and putting them in camps today, at least in large numbers, but we do have a resonance with what Americans faced in the '40s, which is fear."

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House OKs internment memorial