Listen to Me!

ParkCast.comI've got some cool news to share. I've been interviewed by the editor at, a website devoted to podcasting and the National Parks. My interview is part of the February update, in a section called "switchback". The interview covers a little history of this website, my motivations while writing the site, advice I'd give to others interested in blogging about the parks, and what role I think audio and video podcasts play in park interpretation. The interview is about 30 minutes long. Have a listen - direct link [mp3] - interview

Or, you can listen to an enhanced version which can be downloaded via iTunes, or downloaded via Podcast Alley on the web.

I must admit that it is a little strange hearing my voice like that, I suppose it would be like seeing yourself on TV or something. I thought, "is that how I sound?". Honestly, I think I may have been getting over a cold or something, so if I sound a little nasally, that may be why. And jeez, I've got to cool it with the "ya knows", "uhs", "and ... and", "sort ofs" in my speech. I guess those are crutches I use to stall while I'm trying to think of an answer.

Some quick clarifications: In the interview I mention that I've got a couple audio pieces on Park Remark. I wanted to provide those links. In August I posted an interview with Craig Rockwell, a William Clark interpreter. Then in September I posted a presentation given by Hasan Davis who portrayed the slave York on stage.

One other thing, at the end I say something like "I enjoy speaking on behalf of the parks." Just to be clear, that means speaking on behalf of parklands, not the National Park Service of which, of course, Park Remark is not formally associated.

Thanks for the interview Craig, it was a lot of fun. It has inspired me to get some more audio and video on this site.


hooray for you!