Follow Up on NPCA Letter of 100

OK, I've got way more questions about this letter --

Jerry Seinfeld is on the list, but where is Ray Romano? What is the NPCA telling us by not including Romano on that list? Is it that Romano does not support the National Parks, or is it that the NPCA doesn't love Raymond?

The list includes a representative from The Yosemite Fund, but not one from the Friends of Yosemite Valley. How come?

Xanterra signed, but not Delaware North, what gives?

Ken Burns, but not Spike Lee?

Where's Fran Mainella's name?

Maybe I should take the advice given to me by Ron Tipton of the NPCA over the phone: one should not read too deeply into the list; to take it instead at face value, there is no secret meaning to be found. And, I believe him. I'd like to thank Mr. Tipton and others at the NPCA for being so forthcoming with their time and answers to my questions.

That a working relationship between the NPCA and the ARC may exist does surprise me, but as reader jr_ranger suggests, politics (or in this case, getting cash for the parks) does make strange bedfellows. It doesn't necessarily mean that the NPCA is guilty by their association with the ARC, but as an interested park observer, it does mean to me that it is a relationship worth monitoring. I doubt anyone wants to see the mission of the NPCA compromised by the incompatible mission of the ARC, especially not Jerry Seinfeld. Ray Romano? He may not care so much.