Don't Cry for Richard Pombo

This piece has less to do with the National Parks, and more to do with an old friend of the parks, Dick Pombo. Pombo had been the chairman of the powerful House Resources Committee. And in this position of incredible oversight for our nation's natural resources (including the national parks), he worked to tear down decades worth of protections. He worked aggressively to rewrite the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which would have weakened the existing bill and given land owners the right to destroy habitat. What a jerk. Well, fortunately to the relief of many people across America, the ESA rewrite failed, and last November the residents of California's 11th district voted him out! Yes!

Pombo lost his job. Boo hoo. But, don't feel too sorry for this guy. He's landed on his feet and is now working with the the lobbying group which he had worked with in Congress attempting to screw the ESA, isn't that nice? Pombo will get a second chance to destroy the habitats of such pests as the Bald Eagle, the Gray Wolf, and the Spotted Owl. What a guy.

Read the AP article here: Former congressman Richard Pombo joins lobbying firm

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More sordid details on Pombo's cozy relationship as a congressman with his new employer can be found on the SF Chronicle's blog today at