Just for Fun : Animated Knots

Animated KnotsThis post really has nothing specifically to do with the National Parks. But, if you ever find yourself camping, climbing, hanging food in trees, or even called in for some help with search and rescue, the information on the following website may be of interest to you. The site is called "Animated Knots". It's got all the knots you'll ever really need to know, broken down step by step in photographic pieces.

Animated Knots by Grog

I think everyone should know the double fisherman and bowline knots, as both are handy in so many situations. I use the rolling hitch a lot when I'm out camping. I found watching the animations on the site pretty fun. Amazing what can be done with just a little ol' rope.

If you really want to impress your friends who know a thing or two about knots, ask them if they know how to make a "dragon bowline". Your friends will be in awe as you create a standard bowline, then pull it along the ground. That's it. That's the trick -- you'll be dragging (dragin') a bowlin. Har de har har!