New Website for NPCA

I spend a lot of time on the web, and for Park Remark, I spend a lot of time digging around websites that focus on the parks and park issues. To that end, I have hit the website a lot. The organization has their hands in many issues involved with the Park Service. And so to learn about any particular issue, frequently I had hit google with some search phrase aimed at the site. The reason I needed google was because the NPCA website was antiquated and had a poor information hierarchy for discovering what I was in search of. And so in the last week, I was really happy to see a new web design for NPCA. It's much nicer in my opinion, and I've actually had fun surfing around the new site.

I contacted the NPCA national office to ask about the changes. Some of the updated features they pointed out for me:

  • Bigger, better park photos, plus a new slideshow tool for easy viewing
  • Local parks job listings, reports, and region-specific trip ideas
  • An expanded NPCA trips section
  • Improved search functionality
  • Parks in the News: exclusive and timely information about the parks as reported in media across the country
  • Exclusive National Parks Magazine stories and articles
  • A new RSS feed so you can sign up to receive NPCA's press releases through your RSS reader

I like the RSS feed. I've got a collection of many park related feeds that now serve as my daily blast of NPS news.