Death & Dying Report Missing

A friend of mine calls the NPS Morning Report the "Death and Dying Report". Most of the time, half the content is about car wrecks, suicides, bar-room fights, and fatal accidents that happen somewhere in the Park Service. In the summer, it frequently gives updates on fires in the parks as well. The report manages to be interesting somehow, even though it's written in a very dry style, similar to a police report. Usually it's written every day, or at least every week day. But, lately it hasn't been updated that often. I'm not sure why. The most current version is nearly two weeks old. I hope it comes back soon. I miss reading about overturned ATVs, and cliff jumps gone bad.


Sorry, but this is not the type of news that keeps visitors coming. NPS probably pulled it because it's negative, and people might think there's a lot of crime in our national parks (hah! if they only knew the half of it).