Now Shipping, Hey Ranger 2

Hey Ranger 2 Cover : Jim Burnett, AuthorI've received my advance copy of Jim Burnett's latest book called "Hey Ranger 2: More True Tales of Humor & Misadventure from the Great Outdoors". I had read the book's predecessor, which was only published a few years ago, and loved it. I'm really glad that he's found more material for a second book. Part of the reason I enjoyed the first one so much was the attitude and point-of-view of the author, it's all about fun. Here is a brief passage from the intro to 'Hey Ranger 2' which describes Jim's intent.
This book is written in an informal, conversational style, and each chapter is its own stand-alone story, so you can read it a bit at a time, whenever you're ready for an entertaining break from your daily routine. Some of the characters in these true tales have narrow escapes, but everybody survives in the end, so the result is fun, family-friendly reading that everyone from veteran outdoorsmen to armchair travelers can enjoy.

'Hey Ranger 2' should be hitting bookstores this summer. My impression is that the first book had a wide distribution, and if this one is the same, you'll see it all over. I had seen version one in my local REI, as well as in NPS bookstores around the country. And of course, in the age of the internet, everything is available for sale online. 'Hey Ranger 2' is no exception, and can be ordered today from Keep your eyes peeled for this book during your travels this summer.

I've had a chance to talk with Jim Burnett in email about the book already. We'll probably try to set up an audiocast interview in the months to come. By the way, when you get your copy, have a look at page 227, in the chapter entitled 'In the Eye of the Beholder'. Way back when, I sent Jim a few fun stories that I remembered while I worked seasonally, and I'm exited to tell you one of them is in the new book! How cool, thanks Jim.

Web Update: I'm still working on Park Remark 2.0. And, if any of you have had to do much work with computers, maybe you can relate ... this project has taken me longer to complete than I had originally anticipated. At this point, it is looking like early to mid-June before the new site will be up and kickin'. I appreciate you loyal readers checking in, I can see from my web statistics that you are still visiting. Thank you.