Quick Links: 4th Grade Podcasts, and Park Webcams

Park Podcasts, So Easy A Caveman Can Do It (Or At Least A Bunch of 4th Graders)
I've been wanting to use that caveman line for a long time. No offense intended for either cavemen or 4th graders! I was forwarded an email last week written by the teacher of a 4th grade class in Westford, Massachusetts. Their class had been studying the National Parks for a whole year, and at the end of study created a set of 20 Public Service Announcements about parks which they have published on the web. Have a listen, I think they are pretty fun, and reflect a wide range of parks across the system: Abbot School Park PSAs

Park Webcams
This is a link I pull up every now and again. It's got a number of webcams from around the park system set up to monitor air quality conditions. The cameras provide a nice snapshot for the feeling of "now" at these different places: NPS Air Quality Webcams