This is What You Really Wanted

This is one for all of you who celebrate Christmas: I hear you. You got to open all these great presents, but at the end of the day, you didn't get the gift you *really* wanted. You wanted a gift that would take you back to all those great times traveling the country, visiting our nations coolest places, the National Parks. Now that you've found a little time alone with your computer, why not indulge yourself and check out a few books with big pages of glossy photos of the great outdoors. Here are a few I've found over at

National Parks of America BookThe National Parks of America
"For tourists, family campers, and serious lovers of the outdoors, here is a big, beautiful, color-illustrated book that describes more than 50 national parks, sites, and seashores that stretch from Cape Hatteras on the Atlantic coast to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yosemite in California, Haleakala in Hawaii, and Glacier Bay in Alaska. More than 400 breathtaking photographs capture the beauty and atmosphere of each site, and 54 color maps show each park's location and major features."

America's National Parks BookAmerica's National Parks: The Spectacular Forces That Shaped Our Treasured Lands
"Unlike any other book published on national parks, America's National Parks is a must-have for anyone who relishes America's natural wonders and wants to learn more about the powerful forces that created them."

Visions of Wild AmericaVisions of Wild America
"Complemented by more than a hundred photographs that capture our nation's preserved places, the uncommon, remarkable adventures and quiet epiphanies of our great conservationists are rendered anew, creating hope that we might one day see the land as a community, not a commodity. A living place to be honored and preserved."

Do you have any favorites that should be included in this "wish I had got that one for Christmas" list?