Park Radio on the National Mall

Thomas Jefferson MemorialIf you're thinking about a trip to Washington, D.C. anytime soon, you might consider putting a little radio in your travel kit. The has just added a 10 watt radio station which can be heard within a 3 mile radius of the . As I think about all the parklands in the nation, it's easy to forget sometimes that the Park Service is responsible for the operations of some of our country's biggest icons, including the , , the new and even the Capitol Reflecting Pool. In all, it's an area of over 1,000 acres. With all that land to cover on your visit, you'll be glad to have the radio broadcast with updates on visiting hours and other information. There will also be other features including details of the junior ranger program, and a segment called "Off the Beaten Path." Tune the dial to AM 1670 for the broadcast.