Park Remark Book Club

Scorched Earth by Rocky BarkerI had an idea about starting a virtual book club about topics concerning our National Parks and of issues surrounding wildland management in general. I thought I'd start off this little experiment with a book I read about online this week. It's called Scorched Earth : How the Fires of Yellowstone Changed America, by Rocky Barker. Here's a bit of the description from
In 1988, forest fires raged in Yellowstone National Park, destroying more than a million acres. As the nation watched the land around Old Faithful burn, a longstanding conflict over fire management reached a fever pitch. Should the U.S. Park and Forest Services suppress fires immediately or allow some to run their natural course? When should firefighters be sent to battle the flames and at what cost?
I've ordered my copy, and it should be arriving this week. I'll post my comments on the book in about a month, near the middle of February. Here are some other books I've got in mind for future books in this project:

Any in that list you like? Any books that I should add or remove from the list?

Quick note: This will probably be my last post for at least a couple days. I'll be back online as soon as I can.