WebRangers Site for Kids

WebRangers WebsiteWhen I was working as a seasonal interpreter for the National Park Service, probably the most popular program we did was the "junior ranger program". The program really got kids involved with their experience in the parks. Many of the activities were challenging too, requiring that kids put time and thought into their answer books. Upon completion of the activities, kids would turn in these booklets to a park ranger, and in return they would be ceremoniously granted a plastic park ranger badge. I have always hoped that because of that experience, those kids would become life long advocates for the conservation of our parklands.

Today I was clicking around the NPS website and found a section dedicated to kids. It's a sort of virtual junior ranger program. It is called WebRangers. The activities are broken down into levels of difficulty based on age (6 years, 9 years, and 13 years up). The activities are about the park service as a whole, not necessarily focused on a single place. At the completion of an activity, you are given a secret word. Collect enough of these words and you'll be presented with a certificate of recognition to print out. I did a couple activities and enjoyed them, challenging and fun. Our National Parks must be experienced first hand, but this website might be a perfect educational outreach tool for kids. By the time they get to visit the parks, they may already have already developed an appreciation for that place. Cool!