Abe Lincoln in the National Parks

Lincoln MemorialYesterday, February 12th, was the 197th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth. Easily one of the most popular of our presidents, he guided our nation through it's most difficult time during the Civil War. We continue to honor his important role in US history today, where we can trace every part of his legacy from birth to death and beyond in the National Park Service.

We start with his birth in Kentucky
Then onto his farm in Indiana where he spent his boyhood until he was 21
As an adult, he moved to his home in Illinois where he lived for the next 24 years
Then in 1861, he was elected president and served in the White House
As president during the civil war, he delivered his Gettysburg Address at the dedication of a new Union cemetery in Pennsylvania
He was assassinated in the final days of the Civil War while watching a play in Washington D.C.
Finally, he has been memorialized in stone at two park service location across the country
If you live near any of these places, stop in for a visit next Monday on your day off to celebrate the life of this great American president.