Comment Now: General Gun Regulations for Areas Administered By the National Park Service

The Interior Department hasn't made it easy to comment on this issue by having the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, not the National Park Service, collect public input. As a result, the typical comment page does not appear on the Park Service's Planning, Environment, and Public Comment web site.

However, if you visit this page you'll not only find a pdf of the proposal but also a comment form.

The public comment period runs through June 30, 2008.


The Second Amendment prohibits something as insignificant as an infringement on the right to keep and carry a weapon. Banning a weapon anywhere is a darn sight more than an infringement and therefore illegal. The fear of those who disregard the Second might as well disregard the entire Bill fo RIghts, rights being the operative word. The will of "the people", the parks retirees, Diane Feinstein and Schumer be damned. The original Bill of Rights is sacro-sanct. It cannot be changed or altered or cancelled. The fear of guns is based on ignorance. The fearsome think that if the honest people can't carry then all is safe. They think that the bad guys always follow the law. They think that a person who has gone through the effort of obtaining a concealed weapons permit(itself and infringement)is somehow going to go crazy and shoot them. If this isn't crazy, stupid, ignorant and closed minded then nothing is. Grow up people. If you don't want to defend yourself, so be it. You don't have to have a weapon. But yoiu have no right to subject me to danger because of your lack of common sense.

Now I see that my comments may be moderated or disallowed. Nothing like asking for comments and then disregarding freedom of speech.

I personally am a skinny 25 year old that backpacks alone in pursuit of landscape photographs. I am always very scared in our National Parks as I'm almost always alone. Bear spray doesn't cut it- so why can't I protect myself with a pistol my dad got me so he didn't have to worry about me getting mauled, robbed, or whatever. I think there should be extremely strict penalties and mandatory fines for misuse. And If anyone shoots at a ranger there should be mandatory jail time. I don't know if it would be possible to monitor but convicted felons with guns in national parks should a top concern.
zack weinstein

People who have concealed weapons permits have already gone through background checks, and classes, which means the individuals who carry arent the ones who will be poaching, or anything else. I like to hike in areas where there are many illegal aliens, and smugglers( with AK47's I'm sure they will obey this idiotic ruling)., and you are infringing on my right of self protection. I also hike/camp in areas with bears and mountain lions, again you are infringing on my RIGHT of self protection. It is also MY tax dollars that help maintain these parks, and your salary. You need to worry about the criminals that are armed in parks....NOT law abiding ccw holders...

Editor's note: This comment was edited to remove a gratuitous attack. Additionally, the Traveler is not part of the National Park Service and draws no funding from the NPS or, for that matter, any taxpayer.

5-09 I agree with Zach. A woman jogger in western Boulder, CO was killed by a Mountain Lion about 20 years ago. I don't know how many since, but if she had even been able to fire a pistol into the ground, it might not have happened. Big Cats are reluctant to get too close to 2-3 people, but they really have no problem with a single person or a couple with a child. The cat will wait and watch for the opportunity to see the child get a short distance from the parent, then it has it's meal and it is gone at a dead run. If the parent has a gun, it is not likely to get the same results.

THINK PEOPLE!! Use you heads! There are serious consequences for bad decisions! A licensed gun owner is the safest person in a group or alone. It is the drug producer, runner, addict, illegal with a stolen, illegal gun that is our worst enemy! Personally, I wish our Forest Rangers carried guns. Plus, too many people are concerned about the attacker and NOT seriously concerned about the victim at all! There are too many people that wonder around in La-La Land and they sophisticately speak ingnorant babble and they also vote, not having a real clue as to what they are doing or why. It is Deplorable!!! Wake UP and consider the results of your decisions! Be prepared, bad luck IS the greatest result of bad decisions.

I am visiting Glacier National Park in July. The stories I have read about the bears there have frightened me. A Park Ranger on National Geographic Television says there are several instances of bears swatting the heads clean off people who are runnung from them. I want to walk trails by water, but apparently that's the favorite place for bears. How stupid is it for me not to have a gun to protect myself from happening on a bear protecting her cubs?

Mike, I have never heard of bears in Glacier, or any other national park for that matter, swatting the heads off people. And odds are your gun will only irritate any bear you encounter, if you managed to hit him.

I strongly suggest you watch this video, and then talk to park officials about bears and humans.


I worked in Yellowstone for a long time as a ranger. The park has lots of bears and many visitors. I agree with Kurt. The story of bears swatting the heads off people is simply not true.

Rick Smith

I agree, the 2nd says No infringement. I am nearly 60 and not once have my guns run out and killed anyone. Gun control means simply knowing where the muzzle is pointed. But then again, Janet Napolitano did declare me a terrorist threat because I am a vet. Maybe I shouldn't own a gun at all, not sure if I would trust myself. Not really, just giving all the gun control nuts something to talk about. Which one of the other amendments would you people like to ignore?

Brief background on myself:
59 y/o raised in the country, had guns since I was 14 years old. I was a hunter at one time, now I do my hunting with camera. Ex-military, served in Vietnam, Former Scout Master, avid outdoor person hiking backpacking and canoeing. Do I carry a weapon? Yes. Why? for self-protection, From what? the two leg beast that inhabit our world. Am I a chomping at the bit killer? No. Have I ever used my weapon (other than war) No. Would I use it? Yes if it meant protecting my life or a loved one's life.
Have I ever carried a weapon into a National Park? Many times, but I keep it out of sight.
I for one am glad that you can now legally carry a weapon into Parks.
Some people are scared to go into a National park, some love to visit, some people are too stupid to be allowed out of the house and put their self in the way of danger. Natural Parks are just that natural, you are in the animals home, not your cosy little home. Get real people this is not Disney World, that's not Bambi and Yogi Bear. The fact is you are at more danger walking down the street of some big city than you are in a Park.

From someone who has worked in entrance stations for years with lunatics coming through the gates I think the worst thing that could ever happen is a bunch of gun happy idiots in the national parks shooting at bears and hitting people, shooting in campgrounds after they've gotten drunk or high, or adamantly insisting at the gate (which happens all the time) they don't have to pay to get into the park. Being in that situation until 11pm at night is very scary and I have encountered enough "fringe" individuals to be legitimately concerned. I'm sure there will be instances where these gun toters roll up to a entrance station bragging that they can now carry a gun, bring it out to show everyone (to make the point), and shoot themselves or that unarmed ranger in the booth. One of the stupidest laws/rules ever put on the books!!!