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How Much Garbage Can You Identify From Zion National Park?

How many different pieces of garbage can you identify in this photo by Jon Merryman?

It can be amazing how much garbage folks drop, unintentionally or otherwise, during camping trips to the national parks.

The accompanying photo shows a collection of items long-time Traveler reader Jon Merryman and his son collected from Campsite No. 7 in the South Campground of Zion National Park before they left the park. How many can you identify?

At first glance Jon counted 10 different items. But there are more than that. How many can you identify? We'll provide Jon's answers tomorrow.


I believe the silver bottle caps with yellow logo are smirnoff ice bottle caps

If you're picking up trash you might as well pick all of it up!

that was my first thought...I can't walk anywhere and not see cigarette butts!

Ah yes, there WERE plenty of cigarette butts (about 20) but I opted not to pick those up. Hate 'em.

you'd never catch me swigging that "In-Bev" Bud Lime crappolla... I see future archeological sites... but do agree humans must be much more aware of their environmental impact, and no impact areas mean NO impact

I'll add a zipper pull with a bit of cord attached; bar code sticker from a piece of fruit; torn off top from a jerky bag; several pistachio shells; orange ring from a gatorade (or possibly milk) jug; black with silver hair elastic; I suspect that the citrus was a lemon or lime, not orange, based on how thin the peel is and the way it was cut for a drink. I suspect the steel bar in the upper right was a slot aligner from some sort of pulley & shaft. I'm curious how the 4- or 6- conductor phone wire in the middle got there.

Ladies and Gents, There is a wire bag tie on top of some white material probably napkins; the long steel bar reminds me of a drift pin used to alighn two holes so a bolt can be attatched; looks like an old corn cob;
five pennys and one dime; small plastic bread bag tie; hook end of a small bunge cord; two aluminum tent stakes; several small pices of electrical cable and wire; many many many many bottle caps; several pull tabs;
a broken white plastic spoon; a romex cable staple; several white pices of plastic ware; a purple thing, a green thing; a slice of orange; two plastic rings from a plastic soda or water bottle cap; peanut shells, a rubber washer; a pice of twisted wire that probably held the cork on a champaign bottle: boy i wish the coment section had a spell checker; a pork rib bone; a white twist tie; a green q-tip, and lots and lots of junk!

Semper Fi

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