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Natinal Park Mystery Photo 34: This Was Taken Inside the National Park System?

This is not your typical national park exhibit, is it?

Ok, burlesque is not normally associated with the National Park System, but there are times...can you name this time and where the photo was taken?

We'll provide all the details tomorrow!


   i will say alcatraz

Alcatraz of course. Performance art piece helpd back in 2007 by the Vau de Vire Society.

I can't remember exactly when it was (I'm sure I could Google and find out) but it was the rave (sorry - promotional invite only party) at Alcatraz a few years ago (2007?) - I believe it was sponsored by Toyota for one of the Scion car models.

OK, the when was back in 2007, the what was a 'party in the park' to benefit Toyota's San Francisco Bay area Scion owners.
The party was held on Alcatraz Island with a pro dance group providing the entertainment as shown in the picture.

A couple more right answers as to the location, but we want details, folks, details!


Was it taken at Alcatraz Island off San Francisco?  Those bars she's hanging onto look like a prison.

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