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National Park Mystery Photo 27: Hard to Figure

What is this, and where is it? Jon Merryman photo.

This Mystery Photo, submitted by long-time Traveler Jon Merryman, highlights a hard surface in the National Park System. But just what is that surface and where might you find it?

Jon has been known to travel the system far and wide, making it all the more difficult to figure out where he might have snapped this shot.

If you're stumped, visit Traveler tomorrow to find the answer.


I don't know where it is--but I sure do want to know!!

Richmond NBP is my guess, the pavers near the Tredegar Iron Works. It was the first thing to pop into my mind when I saw the photo ...

No, not William Howard Taft. Check back tomorrow for the answer...

William Howard Taft NHS

Nope, not First Ladies NHS.

First Ladies NHS?

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