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National Park Mystery Photo 29: Pretty Fancy Headwear, No?


A rich array of historical clothing items can be found in the National Park System, but what do you make of this? And where can you see it today?


It's calvary alright, about 1865. Fort Laramine did not have the treaty signed until 1869. That is a privates, full dress uniform hat.

Blackfeet Dreamer is right about Civil War-era, Lee Dalton nailed the location. Tomorrow we'll provide some more details.

Oh, and it's either from the cavalry or infantry that was stationed there during the Indian wars of the late 1800's.

How about the bunkhouse at Ft. Laramie?

I'd say Civil War era cavalry due to the crossed swords. Perhaps Getysburg?

No, 'fraid not. Creative, but not the answer we're looking for.

Headgear imposed on White House guards during the Nixon regime.

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