National Park Mystery Photo 31: A Reminder That Things Were Once Very Different

A reminder of an inconvenient truth. Bob Janiskee photo.

Racial segregation was practiced in the national parks within living memory. Where in the National Park System will you find this reminder of that pre-Civil Rights era?

Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and additional information.


It may be from Shenandoah National Park before it was desegregated.

Shenandoah National Park, Lewis Mountain Negro Picnic Area. I'll admit to using google - I could remember Shenandoah and the picnic area, but had to look up to find out it was named Lewis Mountain. ;)

How about Lewis Mountain Camp Area in Shenandoah NP.

You are getting closer. As Eric pointed out, the mystery photo was taken in Shenandoah National Park, and as M.W. and Eric have both noted, the relevant area of the park is Lewis Mountain. The question now is, can you identify the place where the mystery photo was taken? Hint: It was not taken at Lewis Mountain.

PS: Google away all you like. The quizmeister doesn't care.

I guess I just wonder what difference it makes? It was SOMEWHERE in that's gone, good! Move along, nothing to see here....

Actually, anonymous, we're pretty picky about our Mystery Photos;-). And the sign can be seen in the park today....but where? That's the final aspect of this mystery.

I would assume it is located inthe park museum of some sort. You know showing the history of the park. I belive it had segragated facilities from 1939-1950 9internet) at lewis mountain as well as elsewhere.

Now you're getting really picky. Since the sign looks nice and clean it was clearly rehabbed. In that case it must be on exhibit. Therefore it is in a Visitor Center. Finally, for the sheer irony of it, and based upon your clues, I will have to conclude (guess) it is in the Byrd Visitor Center. Am I close?

Yes, we can be picky. Particularly the professor;-)

That said, you're right, Eric, it's in the visitor center. Tomorrow the professor will explain why.

That's right, Anon 1:39 and Eric. The mystery photo shows part of an exhibit sign at the Byrd Visitor Center at Big Meadow. The sign is not a rehab job, Eric. It's just a sign that was made for exhibit purposes. It was never displayed at Lewis Mountain. Indeed, to the best of my knowledge it has never been displayed outdoors.

Aside to Anon 1:29. Nothing to see here? Gosh, I suspect that the quizmeister's feelings might have been hurt.

Anon 1:29 - There is something to see here. It's important to remember our history (not ignore it) so that we (Americans) can learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.