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National Park Mystery Photo 32: What Object Might This Be?

Well, there are trees in the background, but that doesn't help much. Where in the National Park System might you see this "thing"?

With hopes of baffling the most-skilled of national park sleuths, we've gone to extremes with our cropping tool for the Traveler's latest Mystery Photo. Winners need not only identify what it is, but locate the park in which it was taken.

If we've succeeded in baffling you, the answer will arrive tomorrow.


Mystery photo 31 is one of the Three Sisters lighthouses in Cape Cod Natl Park. We were there on vacation last year. Lest anyone think we're regional, we live in the midwest.

My NP passport is nearly full. :-)

Not Acadia, but you're in the right neighborhood Steve.

Looks like painted wood shingles. Looks New England to me. I'll say Acadia somewhere.

I'm pretty impressed, we've got another correct answer, this one from Anonymous at 1:21 p.m. MDT. Obviously I didn't crop it tight enough. Of course, when the full photo is revealed tomorrow, some will disagree with that.

I'm guessing one of the Three Sisters lighthouses in Cape Cod NS.

It's not a cistern, Anon 11:35 EDT (9:35 MDT), nor is it located in Rocky Mountain National Park or any other place in the Mountain time Zone. I'm afraid you've made too much of that EDT/MDT thing.

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