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National Park Mystery Photo 40: Sure Is Bright

Dazzling color, but what is it?

Bright it is, but what is the source of its glow? Solve that question, and you just might figure out what national park Mystery Photo is.

But to correctly answer this mystery, we need to know not just what the image is of, but where it was taken. Stumped? Check back tomorrow for the answer.


Anon 8:14, Blackfeet Dreamer, and Anon 9:15 also ID-ed the photo.

I think it's looking down into a lava tube at the lava flowing inside. Taken at Hawaii Volcanos National Park.

Looks like a "skylight" in Hawaii Volcanoes NP.  Probably from a lava tube flow from Pu'U'Oh'O'.

Lava from Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Tomp2 got it, but we hid his answer to give others a shot.

So no wrong guesses yet?  How about a lava tube at HAVO?

Congrats to Eric, who knows what it is and where, and to Dave, who has a pretty accurate guess.

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