National Park Mystery Photo 43: What's In Store?

This isn't wine.

In which unit of the National Park System was this photo taken, and what does it depict? We'll give you a hint: It's not wine.

Readers who answer correctly will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

The answer will be posted in tomorrow's Traveler.

No cheating! If we catch you Googling or engaged in sneakery of any description, we'll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times:

The 34-letter word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" of Mary Poppins fame is thought to have been derived from a combination of the concepts super- (above), cali- (beauty), fragilistic- (delicate), expiali- (to atone), and docious- (educable). Although this can be taken to have many different meanings, such as "atoning for educability through delicate beauty," it was said to mean "something to say when you have nothing to say" in the Mary Poppins context. Some people with nothing better to do have learned to spell this word backwards, which is suocodilaipxecitsiligarfilacrepus.


Bent's Old Fort?

Sorry, Eric; this photo was not taken at Bent's Old Fort.

Folks, please remember that this mystery photo puzzle requires you to submit a two-part answer. Tell what is depicted and identify the unit of the National Park System in which the photo was taken.

How about a keg of gunpowder at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site?

The Quizmeister has sniffed the breeze and he thinks he detects what might be a relentless process-of-elimination going on upwind. This photo was not taken in Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site. Next, please. :o)

The Armory at Harper's Ferry
Barrels of black powder.

Running out of 1840s era fur trade posts. How about keg of gunpowder at Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Sorry, Becci; this mystery photo does not show barrels of black powder at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Not a keg of gun powder at Fort Laramie National Historic Site.

Is there a limit on guesses? Feel free to cut me off anytime now...
How about keg of powder at Grand Portage National Monument?

Not gunpowder kegs at Grand Portage National Monument.

There is no limit on guesses, Eric. Bring 'em on. I assure you that the Quizmeister, who has been hardened by three years in the military, 40 years of dealing with college students, and 48 years of marriage, can outlast you.

I suppose it could be keg of powder in the Museum of Westward Expansion at Jefferson Memorial Expansion Monument?

Not a keg of gunpowder at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

How about gunpowder (or other military supplies) going down the canal at Cuyahoga N.P. in Ohio?

I feel good about this one keg of powder at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

If nothing else, I am getting better at deciphering the 'CAPTCHA'

Just so you can get hit by Eric's on both sides, I'll guess a keg of gunpowder in the arsenal at Springfield Armory NHS.

The Quizmeister is delighted to learn that you are happy, Eric, even when wandering the poorly marked trails of the mystery photo wilderness. As for your latest guess, well, I'm afraid that your feel-gooder is in need of recalibration. Now that you have struck Fort Vancouver National Historic Site from your list, I trust that we may expect to hear from you again very soon?

Not gunpowder in Cuyahoga National Park, and not gunpowder at Springfield Armory National Historic Site.

Glad to see Ted getting involved in the fray. Not sure I'm ready to deal with two Erics, though.

I'm moving my guesses East...
Keg of powder in the storehouse at Fort Washington Park.

Not gunpowder in Fort Washington Park.

Just wondering, Eric. Are you familar with the board game Clue?

Gun powder at Fort McHenry!

Not gunpowder at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. Welcome to the fray, Marta. Maybe you can show the Erics how it is done.

Gun Powder at Fort Sumter National Monument.

Not gunpowder at Fort Sumter National Monument. But you do deserve a hint, Marta, and here it is: your guess is on the correct side of the 100th meridian.

>>>> Just wondering, Eric. Are you familar with the board game Clue?
As in, I don't have a clue??
You are not suggesting that it was Colonel Mustard with a revolver in the billiard room?

Valley Forge?

Eric, does your boss know you are spending the entire morning working on this mystery photo puzzle?

Sorry, Jen, you are barking up the wrong tree. This photo wasn't taken in Valley Forge National Historical Park.

It's NPS related business, Bob :).

NPS business, you say? The needle on the Quizmesiter's weaselspeakmeter, which has been quivering all morning, has pegged out and is threatening to break under the stress.

I really have no idea, but I'll take a guess: the photo is of barrels of gunpowder at Fort Donelson. No follow-ups; I have to get to work!

Sorry, celbert; this photo was not taken at Fort Donelson National Battlefield. How sad that you have to go to work.

This might be a "bold [guess] for a one-eyed, fat man," but how about Fort Smith National Historic Site.

Are you channeling Rooster Cogburn, Eric? If so, Rooster needs to sober up. Wrong again.

I'm pretty sure I've seen these...
I'm going to say gun powder at the Powder Magazine in Charleston, SC.

Since the Quizmeister's clues are meant to torment as much as inform, I'll take one more shot (in the dark). I'll guess powder kegs at Fort Larned National Historic Site, since it is very close to the 100th meridian.

OK, OK; I can see that you need some more clues. There is some useful information about the mystery photo location in the following statement:

I took the mystery photo last October while I and seven other notorious liars were en route to South Dakota to shoot at pheasants. I live in central South Carolina. We did not get lost along the way, but it still took us three and a half days to get to Mitchell, South Dakota. That's because we did not choose the most direct route, but rather an interesting route that didn't duplicate one previously taken. This photo was taken in the early morning of the next-to-last day on the road to Mitchell. On the last day of the trip, we arrived at our destination in time for lunch.

Not at all familiar with military, but how about a ship? Maybe Salem Maritime. Says rifle on the barrels, but maybe powder used in canons?

Not Fort Larned National Historic Site, and not Fort Sumter National Monument.

Sorry, Lee; the photo was not taken at Salem Maritime National Historic Site. That's way too far east.

Eric has nailed it, and he didn't even have to try all 398 units of the National Park System. I told you that extra information would be helpful.

Aside to Eric: now get back to work.

Eric Nelson has nailed it too. The Erics are on a roll. Anybody else?

I know someone already guessed Ft. Sumter, but those look just like the powder kegs I saw at the National Monument, only they were in Ft. Moultrie

Maybe if you've seen one of those kegs, you've pretty much seen them all?

Well they were the only powder kegs I think I've ever seen in an NPS site, so without Google, that's my only guess. I'm so terrible at the Mystery Photos

I'm now on Lunch break : )
For the record, although it took me eight guesses (and helped others by narrowing down the possibilities), all were perfectly reasonable and defendable guesses regarding where such a picture may have been taken.

Fort Niagara?

No, not Fort Niagara Carole...

In all seriousness, Eric, i agree that your guesses were well-reasoned.

Ed-123, richp39, and Lisa from Wichita KS have nailed it too. Good job.