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National Park Mystery Photo 49: Layer Upon Layer

Do you know what this interesting geologic feature is? Can you tell us where in the National Park System it is located?

Mystery Photo 49 shows an interesting geologic feature in a national park.  If you can tell us what this natural feature is and name the National Park System unit in which it is located, you will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing

No Cheating!  If we catch you engaged in sneakery we will make you write on the whiteboard 100 times:

Although most people will tell you that "April showers bring May flowers," some will say that "Although rain in April is annoying, it starts the flowers growing."  Both versions of this simple rhyme (which apparently originated as a mid-16th century poem) illustrate the concept of patience.  However, there is no attendant implication of delayed gratification, since no present reward is contrasted with one that is greater, but later.


Liffey and Eric have also solved this tough one. Good job.

Sorry, Caprice; that was a case of close, but no cigar.

Good job, David Crowl, except for spelling. An A-. You are in.

I'm not sleeping, Kurt, just playing possum. Please tell tomp2 not to get too full of himself. The Quizmeister has never set foot on the island in question. ;o)

Boy, watching the shop while the professor is whiling away the evening, no doubt with his feet up, ain't easy.

Liffey, if the professor read your latest, he'd say: "Ok, what's your final answer?" In other words, you've cited two factors that created the image in the picture. Which one is it?

Ken, please hold the door open for ron erpelding and Tomp2, who were just minutes behind you.

It's just about the professor's bedtime, Ken, being the East Coast early riser that he is, so I'll fill in for him and welcome you into the winner's circle!

You've got it, KevinM. Congratulations.

James Michener would be proud, Liffey, but you are overthinking this. You've already ID-ed the park and the island. Now just just tell what caused the erosion effects that you see.

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