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National Park Mystery Spot 20: The Business End of the Arrow

Modern target arrow (upper) and Medieval arrow reproduction (lower). Wikipedia photo.

Can you identify National Park Mystery Spot 20 using just these clues?

They traveled this way during the fray, praying the wolf packs would fail to find them.

Whether it be wide or narrow, it's still the business end of the arrow.

A visitor center, yes, but no bridge to a key will you see.

 Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.


You've got it, Matt. It's Convoy Point at Biscayne National Park. I'm going to give RangerLady an assist. Check back tomorrow for an explanation of the clues.

OK...since it's near the visitor center and you can see Elliot and Adams Key, I'm going with Convoy Point

Convoy Point, Biscayne

You travel in a convoy to avoid the wolfpack.

You've got the right park, riverotter and Rangerlady, but you're not going to get this one by naming keys until you run out of keys.

ADAM KEY in Biscayne National Park

RangerLady, you are ever so close.

Nope; not Dry Tortugas.

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