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National Park Mystery Spot 26: An Elevation


These clues lead you to this month's mystery spot, which is within a National Park System unit. 

The furled umbrella, black as a crow, is stored upright and ready to go.
It's the only one left, so it's guarded from theft.

A legendary singer found intense excitement through elevation.

Bonus clue, no extra charge:  It's small, and not quite a Dall.

Check Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.


Not Devils Postpile.

Devils Postpile

Not Sheep Rock, Cinder Cone, Crater Lake, or Petrified Tree.

Petrified tree in YNP

Crater Lake National Park?

is designated by Congress (Monuments are proclaimed by the President **)
is in a western state
was created when Mount Mazama exploded

[**Congress can also use legislation to create a National Monument. Ed.]

Cinder Cone at Lassen Volcanic

Sheep Rock at John Day Fossil Beds?

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