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National Park Mystery Spot 27: On a Hill It Stands

This month's mystery spot is located in a unit of the National Park System.   Can you identify it using just these clues?

On a hill it stands, big and white. Inside lived a man who sure could write.


Telling Lincoln's story won him everlasting glory.


Some dairy goats produce more milk than others.


Bonus clue, no extra charge: Not every flat rock you see is shale or slate.


Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.


Bob, this is an easy one; maybe set a record for correct answers. Could kick myself for not checking Traveler early in the AM, being the night owl I have become in retirement!

dleiaw has nailed it too. That makes seven so far.

atwillw has figured it out. Good job.

Spelling issues aside, ed-123 (12:11 pm) has named the correct park. He seems to have named the mystery spot too, but there's room for doubt.

I'm going to guess it's the White House because John Hay, who lived there as Lincoln's secretary, wrote a biography with John Nicolay on Lincoln.
Don't ask me how the goats or rocks play into this guess.
[Sorry, RangerLady; it's not the White House. Quizmeister]

Brad got the park right, but not the mystery spot itself. (Remember that the mystery spot is not a national park; it is a place/thing/structure/whatever in a national park.)

Eric has nailed this one too.

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