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National Park Mystery Spot 28: A Natural Shape

The mystery spot is located in a unit of the National Park System.  Can you identify the mystery spot and tell which national park it's in?

No keystone you'll find, nor any mortar.
This shape is part of the natural order.

Fine and fragile? Soft and faint?
These are things it certainly ain't!

You must climb up high to see it up close.

You can watch a raven change sides here, quick as a flash.

Bonus clue, no extra charge: One of about 2,000 in this park.


  Be sure to check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.


OK - what they heck. I could tell from the clues anyways. Delicate Arch at Arches National Park.

Natural order probably refers to it being formed by the forces of nature.

"Fine", "fragile", "soft", and "faint" are all synonyms for delicate.

Seeing it close requires a 1.5 mile hike which can be challenging in the summer heat.ot sie

I'm not sure of the raven reference.

The bonus clue refers to the number of known arches in the park.

Has to be Delicate Arch at Arches National Park. Am I bringing up the rear again?

Oh, and Leanne just nailed it, too;-)

High is relative, y_p_w. Depends where you live. And your age and health can play roles, as well. As for the sibling, well, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow;-)

Delicate Arch at Arches National Park

I won't pretend to have known the answer from scratch since I saw one answer before it was wiped.

I've been there too. One of the most inspiring experiences in my life was seeing the sun set on this mystery spot. I don't know about high though. There is a bit of exposure on the way in, but it wasn't too bad. Most people could reasonably be expected to make the hike in.

I don't know about the second clue though. One of its "siblings" came crashing down a few years ago.

Rick Smith and Yellowstone Ed have nailed it too. Nice going.

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