National Park Mystery Spot 39: Sound Medical Advice

Mystery Spot 39 is a national park. Name the unit of the National Park System revealed by these clues and you'll qualify for our monthly prize drawing.

A saintly father inherited DNA from his father.

"Never touch an armadillo" is sound medical advice.

If isolation is essential, you don't need a moat. Just choose a place reached only by boat.

On the north side of an island north of the largest island in a non-northern state.

Don't cheat! If we catch you Googling or engaged in sneakery of any kind, we will make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: "April always starts on the same day of the week as July and ends on the same day of the week as December."


Nice going, Eric. You get to tidy up the winners circle while you wait for other occupants.

I think it may get crowded in here. ; )

Alcatraz Island

Not Alcatraz Island, but that's a very imaginative guess.

Nicely done, Reoux. Who's next?

OutInTheStiks gets conditioned admittance to the winners circle, based on an "A" for mystery spot ID-ing and an "F" for spelling. ;o)

You are back in our good graces, OutInTheStiks, for whatever that is worth.

You can uncross your fingers now, celbert. Good job.

Sounds like it could be Parde Island National Seashore

Not Padre Island National Seashore.

Ellis Island?

Ellis Island is not the answer (and is not the name of a national park).

Tip of the hat to RangerLady, who has wrapped this one up early enough to devote at least part of the day to the duties she was hired to perform. ;o)

Good job, Connier. Welcome to the winners circle.

David Crowl has nailed it, as expected.

Is it Cumberland Island National Seashore ?

Sorry, Ken; it's not Cumberland Island National Seashore.

djjeffrey100 has figured it out. Well done.

Bingo, Ken! Welcome to the winners circle.

Haha Bob. Can we have those little smiley faces as an option in our comments? I'd like to be able to stick my tongue out.

You've nailed it, Lisa. Good work.

It's a pleasure to welcome newbie JanetinKY to the winners circle. I hope this is the first of a long succession of correct answers, Jane.

Right you are, JeffB. Good work.

Eric Nelson's dope slap produced the desired result, ushering him into the winners circle. Who's next?

Close enough, Janna. Welcome to the winners circle.

CB and ron erpelding have figured it out. Nice work.

That's cutting it awfully close, y_p_w. Was that for dramatic effect?

Channel Islands National Park

Not Channel Islands National Park.