National Park Week Quiz #6: Mystery Photo

This photo is tightly cropped, but there's enough here for you to work with.

Do you know what the National Park Week Quiz #6 photo depicts and what national park it was taken in? If you can provide both pieces of information before 12:00 midnight EST today you will be eligible for Traveler’s National Park Week prize drawing and a chance to win a National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the national park of your choice.

The answer and a list of readers who answered correctly will be posted in tomorrow's Traveler.

No cheating!

If we catch you Googling or engaged in other sneakery we will make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: "Tectonic plates float at an elevation that depends on their thickness and density, exhibiting isostacy attributable to gravitational equilibrium between the earth's lithosphere and asthenosphere."


Is it a prototype airplane at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

Sorry, Eric; it's not a prototype airplane at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

You've got it, Chip. You get to open the winners circle today and set up your coffee and donuts stand. I suspect that business will be very brisk.

Is it a winch used to lift cargo onto the ship Friendship at Salem Maritime National Historic Site?

Not a winch to lift cargo onto the ship Friendship at Salem Maritime National Historic Site.

I'm going to admit you to the winners circle, jchappell740, but you are going to have to use the servants entrance. Part two of your answer is missing a very important adjective. (It was missing in Chip's answer too, but I failed to point that out.)

I'm going to admit you to the winners circle too, robertnc28, but you are going to have to use the servants entrance. Like the other nearly-correct answers I've reviewed so far, yours is missing a very important adjective (qualifier).

You're in, EEW, but you have got to use the servants entrance. That particular adjective is not the one we need.

Welcome to the winners circle, BTexan. Please use the servants entrance. Your answer lacks a qualifier that makes a difference.

You're new around these parts, aren't you SCA? You're in the ballpark, but we're pretty darn picky on Thursdays. We want to know exactly what the object of the photo is.

How about a winch used to raise the sails on one of the ships at the San Francisco Maritime National Nistorical Park?

No winches were deployed to raise any sails in this photo, viewmtn.
SCA, you've essentially got it -- you're missing a particular adjective -- but we'll let you in so sit back and enjoy the rest of the guesses!

Bingo, celbert! You even supplied the critical adjective. Enter the winners circle by the front door and educate those slackers about that critical qualifier. Go ahead and lord it over them if it pleases you. ;o)

You're already in the winners circle, SCA, so it doesn't matter that the additional info you supplied is incorrect. I do suggest that you quit while you are ahead, however, and just enjoy watching others wrestle with this thing.

Caprice Kutz gets a winners circle gold star pass, which entitles the holder to two adult beverages and silver-service browsing on the heavy hors d'oevres table. That's the way it's done, Caprice.

Is it a Yurt from Cedar Breaks National Monument?

Not a yurt from Cedar Breaks National Monument.

You are definitely in the ballpark, Linda, but your answer is incomplete. You need to specify the national park, and your description of the object lacks an important adjective (qualifier). Think about it some more. We'd love to make room for you in the winners circle.

Welcome to the winners circle, Ranger Dave, but I'm afraid you'll have to use the servants entrance. You nailed the park, but the object description lacks a critical adjective (qualifier).


part of an historic industrial cotton loom at the Lowell National Historic Park?

Soryy, viewmtn; it's not part of an historic industrial cotton loom at Lowell National Historical Park. I just knew somebody was going to submit that one! ;o)

Enjoy your Yahoo! moment, Ranger Dave. I suspect that tomorrow's quiz may wipe that smile off your face.

is it obvious that I am making wild guesses? These photo quizzes are challenging!
How about: a hoist for a small boat on one of the whaling ships at the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park?
[Which I have visited, but certainly do not actually recognize from the photo clue!]

RoadRanger and MET, you both did it the way it ought to be done. March right in the front door of the winners circle, pick up your gold star passes, and enjoy the amenities room on the concierge floor.

Since you asked, viewmtn, I will tell you. Yes, it's obvious that you are making wild guesses. You'll do better if you lose the hoist and stop thinking about boats.

Bring it on Bob! I like a good challenge.

Big Meadows Dining hall in Senandoah National park

This thing has nothing to do with dining at Shenandoah National Park, ron. But darn it, your answer has me thinking about that blueberry dessert they serve there at Big Meadows.

I can't get the Wright Brothers out of my head, so after thinking for 10 hours about it, I'll guess a Prototype Bicycle at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

Boy, Eric, I can't wait to see the professor's response to this guess...;-)

%#!@$?* prototype @$%&%?!#* bicycle $#!@?&%$* Dayton!

So, I take if from that response that I am a little bit off on my guess? : )

At 7:03 a.m., Eric, you guessed that it is "a prototype airplane at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park." Nearly 11 hours later you had moved all the way to guessing that it is "a Prototype Bicycle at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park." But what you should have done is get the hell out of Dayton. Now, I have nothing against Dayton. In fact, during my last visit to that fine city I spent pleasant hours touring the National Museum of the US Air Force, enjoyed a drink or three in the Officers Club at Wright Pat, and ate some mighty fine food in some very nice Dayton eateries. Yet, I must say that it would be a good idea for you to leave that city at once. A damn fine idea. A perfectly marvelous idea.

Huffman Praire Fly field interpretive center

I must admit I've never heard of that place, Ron, and I wonder if the professor has? Nevertheless, it's not that.

Huffman Praire what?

What if I moved to NC? Any issues with the coastal region of NC?
; )

Well, Eric, I'm afraid the professor has left the vetting queue. In laughter, I think. But on his way out he did mention that coastal North Carolina is very nice...when the squeeters aren't biting.

Eric, also, if it's any consolation, I walk away from most of the professor's puzzlers. He can be diabolical!

The applause is deafening, Eric, deafening, and I'm sure the professor would be leading the way were he not ensconced watching his beloved South Carolina Gamecocks tangling with 'Bama on the telly-vision! Come on in and pull yourself up a chair and grab a favored libation. No doubt you're exhausted and are entitled to a well-earned rest.

And hold the door open for Jerry, who nailed it ... aside from that qualifying adjective the professor so sorely wants. So Jerry, sneak in, but don't tell the professor I OKed the front door, as opposed to the servant's entrance...

Your correct answer arrived at 12:01 a.m., andcla03. No kidding; it arrived exactly one minute past the deadline. That's never happened before, so this is a real test of our resolve. Tell you what. In the spirit of fellowship engendered by Kurt when he let Jerry enter the winners circle by the front door I am going to give you this one.

I'm very greatful because weirdly my computer and google both sayed it was still 11:58 and I was shocked when the comment said ":01" at the end!