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National Park Week Quiz #8: Jumbled Parks

National Park Week Quiz #8 tests your ability to see things differently. Each of the 12 jumbles listed below can be unscrambled, using exactly the same letters (no more, no less), to reveal a word in the name of a national park.

We won’t make you to provide the full name of each park. Just unscramble all 12 of the jumbles before midnight today (12:00 p.m. EST) and you will be eligible for Traveler’s National Park Week prize drawing and a chance to win a National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the national park of your choice.













* initially listed as "ORBFRED"

Remember: We don't want the full names of parks, we just want the unscrambled words.

Answers and a list of readers who answered correctly will be posted in tomorrow's Traveler.

No cheating!

If we catch you engaged in sneakery, we will make you write on the whiteboard 100 times:

English actor Sir Michael Caine, winner of two Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor for Hannah and Her Sisters, 1986, and Cider House Rules, 1999) is one of only two actors (the other being Jack Nicholson) who were Oscar-nominated in every decade from the 1960s to the 2000s.


Several readers pointed out that the scramble that read ORBFRED should actually be ODBFRED, so I changed it in the quiz. My bad.

Nice job, Kevin M and Ken. Join the party.

This quiz obviously is too easy. I'm going to need to pull the professor aside for a refresher course, or suggest he relinquish his Quizmeister title (kidding, just kidding!)

Welcome to the party, toothdoctor!

y_p_w obviously has too much spare time on his hands, as evidenced by his correct answer(s), though the rest of you will have to wait until tomorrow to understand why we make that claim. In the meantime, come on in and sit down, y_p_w.

With totally unrelated commentary and photos:


WROTE - (bell) TOWER

NOISED - (Southern California) EDISON


NOTES - (Bridge) STONE

GREAD - EDGAR (Rice Burroughs)

CREEP - (Rocher) PERCE

PELTOU - TUPELO (Wood Carving)

ORBFRED - BEDFORD (Stuyvesant)

SGRIPSN - (mattress) SPRINGS

THRULE - LUTHER (Burbank Home & Gardens)

YALEOR - ROYALE (with Cheese)

OK, now that Janet in Kentucky has solved the professor's craftiness, we're opening the mezzanine level!

Concierge floor is getting crowded, now that EEW has gained admittance. Perhaps we'll need to move up to the mezzanine soon...

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