National Park Week Quiz #9: Drinking Beer And Telling Stories

Welcome to National Park Quiz #9, which is last (but not least) in the series.

Three guys meet in a Sausalito waterfront bar. After two beers apiece, the stories are flying thick and fast.

“One time while Diane and I were in South Dakota," says Jim, "I went to sleep in a National Park and woke up in a National Monument.”

“That’s nothing,” says John. “One time when Sylvia and I were backpacking, we went to sleep in a National Monument and woke up the next morning in a National Park.”

“I can top that,” says Jeremy. “One time while Judy and I were staying with some friends, we went to sleep next to a National Memorial, and when we woke up it was gone.”

“I believe you two guys are joshing me,” says Jim.

“I think you two guys are pulling my leg,” says John.

“I think you two guys are just talking to hear the wind blow,” says Jeremy.

“I don’t know if any of you guys are telling the truth,” says the bartender, “but I do know that all of you could be.”

How does the bartender know that all three of these guys could be telling the truth?

If you can supply a plausible explanation before midnight today (12:00 p.m. EST) you will be eligible for Traveler’s National Park Week prize drawing and a chance to win a National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the national park of your choice.

Answers and a list of readers who answered correctly will be posted in tomorrow's Traveler.

No cheating!

If we catch you engaged in sneakery of any sort, we will make you polish the brass fixtures and sort the monogrammed towels in the executive washroom here at Traveler headquarters.


EEW, you did a fine job on the first two, but that third explanation doesn't cut it because that Memorial remained right where it was. Since we expect you to come up with something that will pass muster, we have already printed up your Gold Star Pass and assigned a lackey to deliver it to the Concierge Desk.

Ranger Paul, those first two explanations are so wonderfully outrageous that I am tempted to print you a permanent Gold Star Pass for our Winners Circle Club. That wouldn't be fair to the others, however, so please put away the glue or peyote or whatever you are using and try again as soon as your head clears.

Ken: Explanation number 1 is ruled "incomplete", but promising. Numbers two and three are complete, but not at all promising. Back to the drawing board.

Ken: I'm afraid that none of those three explanations works.

It is already noonish, the winners circle remains empty, and guessing has slowed to a trickle. Looks like the Quizmeister might be able to get an early start on his Sunday afternoon nap. Aw-right!

Score!! EEW, you have restored my faith in Traveler puzzle hounds. Sort of. You may want to rest and download before you begin your stint at the whiteboard. We don't allow coffee breaks, toilet breaks, cigarette breaks, or any other kind of breaks. ;o)

Three very plausible explanations, viewmtn. An excellent job. Gold Star Pass with full amenities. Please tip generously. The concierge floor staff has been virtually idled today.

To answer your question: I am not a bartender, but a fellow could do a lot worse.

Toothdoctor, I'll buy the first and second arguments, though you have left the Quizmeister to infer that you could provide the rest of the vital facts on demand (which I do, without hesitation). I don't buy that last argument, since the National Memorial you cite is in no sense "gone."

Ranger Paul, on further review, that third explanation in your first go-around is quite acceptable. You can go with it again, if you are still working on this thing.

Whiteboard?? I thought I had won an all-expenses paid working vacation to oxymoronic Park City to restore historic artifacts and catalogue textiles. Remind me to write to my congressman about false advertising on this bait-and-switch deal!

Park City, Montana, is oxymoronic?;-)

Toothdoctor, JanetInKY, and others: Oklahoma City National Memorial is now, and has been since the first day of its establishment, Oklahoma City National Memorial. A person can't wake up one morning in or near that place and say that it's no longer a National Memorial or that it is no longer there (gone). The Quizmeister is standing fast on this one. You need to fish in another pond.

EEW, that was a wonderful repartee. Thanks for the laugh. You are hereby pardoned, but consider yourself on parole.

That works just fine, toothdoctor. Gold Star Pass and 250 points toward upgrade to platinum.

Thank you for the points and the upgrade!

Caprice, the first of the three explanations you submitted is certainly plausible. The second is a real s-t-r-e-t-c-h, but not inconceivable. The third doesn't work, so that's the one you need to revisit.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon here, and I just overlooked your answer in my haste to retire to my Lay-Z-Boy for a nap. I'm still a bit foggy, but plan to fix that with a cup of Newman's Own (Extra Bold).

You're welcome, toothdoctor. I trust that I am forgiven now for the Bedford Blunder?

Your scenario #3 is an incredibly inventive explanation, JanetInKY, but it's not plausible. A replica or representation of a thing is not the thing itself. Genuine National Memorials only, please.

KevinM, here's what you need to do: Put explanation #2 in the form of a declarative sentence. Put explanation #3 in the form of a declarative sentence. Put explanation #1 in the nearest dumpster and close the lid tightly.

Ranger Dave, you are two-thirds of the way there. You nailed #2 and #3, which are actually the two more difficult ones, but you need to toss out #1 and start afresh. Go for a simple explanation. That is, don't overthink it. Good luck.

Outstanding recovery, Ranger Dave. You're in. Gold Star Pass with 250 points credit toward Platinum upgrade. BTW, I do know that you guys are out there working on Sunday afternoons while some of us Olde Parze are asleep in our Lay-Z-Boys. Thank you for your service, and I really mean that. In my own defense, I really needed that nap. As Kurt can attest, my first post of the day on this website was made at 4:59 a.m.

Good job on #1 and #2, Mellody (sp?), but you need to give #3 the toss and start afresh.

Bob, you're certainly welcome. I've been at this park business for 29 years and in just a few more I'll be joining you at nap time. However, it gets in your blood and I think I'll work some summers in some of the parks where I'd like to spend more time as a seasonal interpreter doing the fun stuff and enjoying life. The rest of the year I can rest. And no, I was not awake at 4:59 am this morning so you deserve that nap.

Plese don't take offense, Ranger Dave, but I'd just as soon not have you join me for nap time. ;o)

That works just fine, Caprice. Welcome back to the Winners Circle Club. Enjoy.

Yes Bob that is the spelling of my name. There was a dairy in Chicago called Hawthorne Mellody and I was named after that,.
For number 3 my best guess is that they were in Manhatten and was next to grants tomb and and they moved the Tomb durning the night.

What?! Somebody stole General Grants National Memorial?! Quick, call the police! ;o)

Metaphor, Bob, metaphor.