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Vapur Water Bottles

Fill, Drink, Refill. The Vapur Water Revolution

It began quite simply enough: make hydration incomparably portable. And so, in September 2009, Vapur launched its flagship product- the Vapur Water Bottle. Foldable and ultra lightweight, this durable, BPA-Free bottle started a water revolution.

Vapur isn’t your typical reusable water bottle. Designed from the ground up to meet the hydration needs of adventure enthusiasts everywhere, this reusable water bottle folds and flattens to go virtually anywhere.

Proudly Made in the USA, the Vapur Bottle uses less energy to make and transport than rigid water bottles. Vapur “Anti-Bottles” are lightweight and ship flat allowing more bottles in every shipment. Vapur considers the environment throughout each step of the Vapur lifecycle. Check out our full line of Vapur products at

Vapur Eclipse Bottle, rolled/Vapur

The Eclipse, upright and rolled for travel/Vapur

With the bottles successfully on the market, the company launched the Vapur Hydration Program in 2012 with the goal of making clean drinking water more readily available and reducing waste from single-use plastic bottles across the United States. The Vapur Hydration Program includes the sale of Vapur refill stations and Vapur's reusable Anti-Bottle both at special program pricing for participants.

With billions of bottles of water consumed globally every year and fewer than 20 percent recycled, the vast majority of single use disposable bottles end up as plastic waste in landfills.

The Vapur Hydration Program is making an impact and reducing this staggering statistic with over 2,000,000 single-use bottles saved from landfills. The Vapur Hydration Program has launched in national and state parks, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, as well as travel and hospitality destinations across the country. Program adopters not only reduce the waste created by disposable water bottles, but also help refuel the nation. Now more than ever, it's important to kick the disposable bottle habit and stay healthy by keeping hydrated. With the Vapur Hydration Program, safe drinking water is more portable and accessible than ever.

With Vapur’s promotional campaign, we actively highlight the locations and convenience of the Refill Stations in each location where the Vapur Hydration Program is adopted, encourage reusable bottle users to “use the reusable” so they always have a source of hydration!

Vapur understands the importance of park visitors staying hydrated. As a consequence the program encourages all park visitors to “Be safe without the waste”. If you're interested in becoming a participant in the Vapur Hydration Program email [email protected] for more information.

Refill Your Water Bottle, Help Cut Down On Plastic Waste

Here's an interesting statistic: According to the National Park Service, while Americans represent just 5 percent of the world's population, we generate 30 percent of the Earth's waste.

Put another way, Americans throw away enough garbage everyday to fill 63,000 garbage trucks, which if lined up end to end for an entire year would stretch half way to the moon, the Park Service notes. 

Of the garbage Americans throw out, half could be recycled, which is enough to fill a football stadium from top to bottom everyday. Of these recyclables, Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild the entire commercial air fleet every three months, enough steel to reconstruct Manhattan, and enough wood to heat 5 million homes for 200 years. U.S. waste disposal costs exceed $100 billion annually.

When it comes to plastic waste, that can take 1,000 years to degrade, the Park Service says. And when it comes to plastic water bottles, we toss out about 35 billion a year! So give the Earth a break. Fill, drink, refill, repeat.

Units of the National Park System are having success in reducing that staggering amount of waste. During 2013, Zion National Park's recycling program recycled 12,000 pounds of plastic.

Zion has created a program to sell affordable, reusable water bottles while providing free “Zion Spring Water” at filling stations at major stopping points – Zion Visitor Center, Zion Human History Museum and Zion Lodge, according to the Park Service. The filling stations also serve as exhibits, giving visitors information about the impact of disposable bottles, as well as the safety and purity of Zion’s water and the importance of staying hydrated, especially in the desert.

At Grand Canyon National Park, disposable plastic bottles comprise an estimated 20 percent of Grand Canyon's waste stream and 30 percent of the park's recyclables. As a Climate Friendly Park, Grand Canyon has made a commitment to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by the year 2020. When you refill a reusable water bottle, you decrease the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production, filling, packaging and transport of disposable water containers.

Water-dispensing stations can be found throughout Bryce Canyon National Park/BCNHA

You can find water-filling stations in various spots in Bryce Canyon National Park thanks to Vapur

Finding Water At Bryce Canyon National Park Is Easy

It wasn't too many years ago that the National Park Service was mired in corporate politics over a proposed ban on water sold in disposable bottles, free water dispensers are becoming more and more visible in the parks. While there continue to be occasional efforts to overturn that ban, more and more water filling stations are appearing across the National Park System.

Working to install some of these filling stations is Vapur, which early in 2015 reached an agreement with the National Park Service to place some of the stations in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. While water always has been available in Bryce Canyon for visitors, the deal between Vapur, the National Park Service, the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association, and Elkay Manufacturing has seen a half-dozen filling stations made by Elkay installed in various locations within Bryce Canyon, and there's the prospect of more to come.

Currently, you can find them at the park's visitor center, at the General Store, the Sunrise Point parking area (in front of the High Plateaus Institute), Bryce Canyon Lodge, and at Sunset Point.

Vapur's refillable "Anti-Bottles," which carry a commemorative logo tying them to Bryce Canyon, are being sold in the park by the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association for $11.99

Other parks where you can find Vapur's refill stations include Yellowstone, Sequoia, Glacier, Katmai, Shenandoah, and Virgin Islands.