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Traveler's View: Proposed Overhaul Of Land And Water Conservation Largely Ignores Conservation

U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop got it wrong when he titled his revision of the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund the ‘‘Protecting America’s Recreation and Conservation Act," which he notes could be called the "PARC Act" for short. Judging from its provisions -- fortunately still in draft -- it would be more accurate to title it "Drilling The Continental Shelf And Ignoring The Federal Domain Act."

Entrance Fee To Yosemite National Park Drops To $25 Per Vehicle For Winter

With the winter season having arrived, it'll cost you a little less to drive your rig into Yosemite National Park through next March. For the winter season the entrance fee for a seven-day pass has dropped by $5 to $25, a move aimed at encouraging folks to visit the park outside of the busy summer season.

NPCA Launches "Parks In Peril" Campaign To Get Obama Administration To Protect National Parks

A National Parks Conservation Association campaign launching today is designed to rally public support against threats facing such iconic national parks as Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon with hopes the Obama administration will step up and use the tools and authority it has to protect the parks.

Horse Use Being Limited At Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

While horses played a large role in the early days of the Klondike gold rush, these days they can cause more harm than good to the Dyea historic townsite, the National Park Service has decided. As a result, their use at the townsite in Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park will be limited and and restricted to an established route by private, non-commercial parties pursuant to a special use permit issued by the superintendent.

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