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Reader Participation Day: What Aspect(s) of the National Park System Do You Want to Read More About?

For 364 days a year, the brain trust here at the Traveler tries to come up with thoughtful, occasionally thought-provoking, entertaining, and informative posts on the National Park System. Today we turn the editorial keys over to you.

Two Historic Lighthouses at Cape Hatteras National Seashore Will Go Dark Next Week – But They'll Be Back

The Bodie Island and Ocracoke Lighthouses have a long and fascinating history, but their familiar beacons will be missing from the nighttime views at Cape Hatteras National Seashore beginning September 28. Fear not, they'll both be back after renovation work is completed.

Driving Trail Ridge Road and Other Fall Travel Information for Rocky Mountain National Park

Fall can be a magnificent season in Rocky Mountain National Park, but autumn weather can make travel on Trail Ridge Road and other park routes an "iffy" proposition. Here's where to get the latest updates on road and weather conditions in the park.

Public Invited to See Release of California Condors Into the Wild at Pinnacles National Monument

The release of some of the rarest birds in the world for their first flights into the wild is scheduled for September 26, 2009, at Pinnacles National Monument. The public is invited to observe the release up to two California condors at the park Saturday morning.

Yellowstone Grizzlies Are Back on the Threatened Species List

A federal judge has restored Yellowstone ecosystem grizzlies to threatened status under the Endangered Species Act. The upgrade reverses a 2007 F&WS delisting decision that inadequately considered a number of important factors, including the negative impacts of climate change on critical food supplies.

Pruning the Parks: New Echota Marker National Memorial (1933-1950) Commemorated the Cherokee Nation Seat of Government

Congress authorized New Echota Marker in 1930, the NPS acquired it in 1933, and Congress abolished it on September 21, 1950. It’s a pity that so few have ever heard of this historic site, now a Georgia state park, because it commemorates a place and events that should not be forgotten.

The Pacific Northwest Trail Will Establish Important Linkages

The newly designated Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail will link three national parks, seven national forests, several major mountain ranges, and two border-to border national scenic trails. One day it will also be a key link in the coast-to-coast pathway that trail developers have been dreaming about.

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