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The latest news from around the National Park System.

Appalachian Trail Visitation Study Has Breakthrough Implications for Linear Park Visitor Tallies

Survey researchers are testing and tweaking new procedures for obtaining Appalachian Trail visitation estimates. The new methodology should yield much more defensible visitation tallies for trails and linear parks with numerous backcountry access points.

Reader Participation Day: Where's Your Favorite National Park Cabin?

If I'm not sleeping in a tent in a national park, the next best place is a cabin, preferably a log cabin. And there certainly are lots of them, from the Colter Bay cabins at Grand Teton National Park to the tent cabins in Yosemite National Park. Which cabins are your favorites when it comes to visiting the national parks?

Crews Working in Mammoth Cave National Park To Combat Invasive Species Above Ground

While the main attraction is underground at Mammoth Cave National Park, there's quite a bit to see, enjoy, and learn from above ground at the Kentucky-based park. To preserve that setting, park crews are battling invasive trees that, if left unchecked, could pose a deadly threat to the native hardwood forests.

Teacher Scholarships Available for Summer 2010 Courses in Denali National Park and Preserve

Good teachers are on the lookout for opportunities to expand their knowledge, and it would be hard to find a more appealing "classroom" than Alaska's Denali National Park in the summer. Teachers can apply now for scholarships for seminars and training in the park next summer.

Senator Feinstein Offers Legislation To Protect Desertscape in and Around Death Valley, Joshua Tree National Parks

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced legislation that would create 90,000 acres of officially designated wilderness in Death Valley National Park, and buffer parts of Joshua Tree National Park with national monuments encompassing roughly 1 million acres.
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Traveler's Checklist: Virgin Islands National Park

Ahhh, the sun-kissed Caribbean. Is there a better place for a mid-winter's getaway than one with sugar-sand beaches lined by palms and washed by warm turquoise waters that provide habitat for turtles the size of trunks, colorful fishes like blue tang and parrotfish, and menacing barracuda? If you don't think so, then Virgin Islands National Park is your destination.

Holiday Activities Abound at Rocky Mountain National Park

If you find yourself near Rocky Mountain National Park during the holidays, you might want to consider one of the following activities. With the snow piling up, there will be lots of outdoor activities, but the park also is planning some indoor fun for families and kids. Some require reservations, so don't wait until the last minute.

Third Year of Fisher Recovery Program Begins At Olympic National Park

They might not be the economic draw that wolves are to Yellowstone National Park, but fishers seem to be taking to Olympic National Park just about as favorably as the larger predators did to Yellowstone in their recovery program. This week a third batch of the cat-sized predators will be set free in Olympic to build on two successful years of a recovery program designed to repopulate the park with fishers.

Looking Back Two Decades On Managing The Greater Yellowstone Ecoystem

It’s almost funny sometimes to look back at commotions that were made about relatively small things within a bigger picture. Twenty years ago, a controversy erupted over a mere term and a concept that now, in hindsight, makes all of the resistance and wasted time marshaled by politicians to stop it, seem rather silly. And yet, it marked a turning point in the region that includes America's mother of national parks.

Decades in the Making, the Uproar Over Great Smoky Mountains National Park's North Shore Road Almost Settled

In Great Smoky Mountains National Park, every trail has a history. That’s what makes hiking here so fascinating. But no trail is as historic or as controversial as the Lake Shore Trail, which skirts Fontana Lake in North Carolina. The issue surrounding it is currently the longest-running open item on the park's agenda, but there’s hope it will be resolved soon.

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