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The latest news from around the National Park System.

Republicans, Democrats Differ Over Whether National Park Designations Should Block Energy Projects

When the Bush administration late in 2008 tried to auction energy leases near national parks in Utah, there was an outcry by many who considered siting oil and gas exploration projects next to parks was anathema. The Obama administration quickly reversed the decision, but the debate over whether to locate energy projects next to parks continues.

Public Comment Period on Cape Hatteras Draft ORV Management Plan Ends Tuesday

Another chapter -- and that's it, a chapter, not the end of the book -- in the at times bitter struggle over how to manage off-road vehicles in Cape Hatteras National Seashore comes to an end Tuesday when seashore officials close the comment period on their draft management plan.

Yosemite National Park Boasts One Very, Very, Very Old Lodgepole Pine

Since we're taking a look today at champion trees as recognized by the American Forests, it seems appropriate that we toss a bit more national park tree trivia your way. According to the folks at Yosemite National Park, the oldest known lodgepole pine in the United States is located just a bit east of Tuolumne.

Parks Are Well-Represented in the Latest National Register of Big Trees

How would you determine if a tree qualifies as a "national champion"? The National Register of Big Trees has the answers, and the 70th anniversary edition of that list just been released in a new online format. Sites in the National Park System are well-represented, including the home of "the earth's largest living thing."

Obama Administration Indefinitely Postpones Scoping of Off-shore Oil Lease Proposal for Coastal Virginia

Obama administration officials are indefinitely postponing public scoping on an off-shore oil and gas lease proposal for an area of coastal Virginia, a move that drew quick applause in some circles.
Image icon Cancel Atlantic EIS Lease Sale Notice.pdf

Refinery Accident Causes Brief Concerns at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

It's been a tough week for the oil and gas industry, one which has held plenty of anxious moments for several NPS areas located in the vicinity of recent accidents. The latest involved an explosion at a refinery near San Antonio Missions National Historic Park; two of the historic structures were closed temporarily and precautionary measures were taken for possible contamination of important waterways.

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